Be a teacher.


Erasmus in Ostrava is not only about trips, FILLUPs or parties. You can learn something with our international students, for example their language. We organize CatchUps where you can learn or teach languages. We have Czech, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and others. We talked about it with our teachers.

But first… What is CatchUp?

CatchUp is informal language class lead by Erasmus students for students. However do not expect your ordinary language class you know from school – CatchUps are filled with fun and games while at the same time, you are improving your language skills. So if you are interested to learn to smoother your English, learn to swear in Italian, order a beer in German, say “I love you” in French and tell the boy/girl, he/she has nice eyes in Russian, join CatchUp! 

1. Where are you from?
2. Why did you choose Ostrava for your studying abroad?
3. What do you study here in Ostrava and at home?
4. How do you like the city?
5. Why did you decide to teach your language?


Lucian Micle

  1. I am from Timișoara, Romania.
  2. 2. I choose Ostrava mostly becouse the subjects here where the closest thing I could finde to what I am studying back home.
  3. I study mechanical engineering here and at home. Back home I have the specialisation in mechatronics and robotics.
  4. I like it becouse it is different from home, there is alot more space here.
  5.  I thought it would be a nice new interesting experience for me, other than that I didn't think too much about it.


Nazir Al-shurmani

  1. From Yemen but studying in Turkey.
  2. I chose Ostrava because I knew that it is in the Czech Republic so the in the middle of Europe so I can visit so many places and also I searched about it that it is a very nice city for having fun.
  3. I study here and in Turkey, civil Engineering.
  4. It is amazing city I really liked it more than expected. Having fun, parties and ESN nice activities.
  5. I wanted to teach my language because it is one of the most languages that must be learnt because it has so many natives and also it is my pleasure when I see other people know my language.


Bruno Bišćević

  1. Milan, Italy but my family is from Croatia.
  2. It was one of the few destinations for my course with classes in English.
  3.  Here mechanical engineering, at home energy engineering.
  4. It's nice and there are a lot of students.
  5. It was a nice way to meet new people.


Alvaro Martin Jimenez

  1. Spain.
  2. Because it is in the center of Europe and cheaper than Spain.
  3. Máster of Mining Engineering.
  4. I like it because there are a lot of students.
  5. To meet other people and to spread Spanish language.