Because we focus quite a lot on sport activities and healthy lifestyle, there is many possibnilities for you to be active and do sports.

Ball sports

University dormitories have ping pong tables and you can borrow keys to the room at the reception.

Does not matter you are good or you just play for fun, you can almost every week come to ESN gym and play basketball or voleyball with others.

For fotball, you can find other interested students on the FB group and rent a university fotball playground. Last years, there were many students interested in it and they play fotball every week!

However university have way more sport facilities that you can as student rent very cheaply and play with your friends.

International Erasmus Games

Every year, students from whole Europe come to one city to represent country and university they study in in a sport competition, usually playing basketball, volleyball and futsal. Teams going to the international round are selected in national round (that was several times organized by us in Ostrava, YAY!). At our university, we usually organize local tournaments to select teams to representing us later. Thanks to this, we often win the national round!


From time to time, we organize also something more adventurous. Sometimes its climbing, sometimes rafting, trampolines, paintball and others. It is different every semester depending on the actuall possibilities. We usually make it suited for everyone, so even if you never did it, don't be affraid to ask us and join some of those!

And we should not forget about hiking! Its something so important for us so it deserves special page where you can read more about our hiking trips.



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