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Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance.

What is Social Inclusion event?

It is an event that engages foreign students into something that has a positive effect on society - whether it relates to Ecology, Human Rights or Animal Protection - just any society-beneficial aspect of our lives. SocialErasmus is an international project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that promotes a social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while gives them the chance to make a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. The project goes under the slogan: Leave your mark!

Twice a year, ESN sections from all over Europe together organise a full week of SocialErasmus activities. International students participating in exchange programs can join ESN volunteers and leave a mark in society, and show that mobility does not only consist of travelling or studying abroad, but also actively engages students in local communities, which fosters a better cultural understanding and inspires international students to come back to their home countries with the will to also make a change there. 


Our Social Inclusion activities

- Fillup 

- Erasmus in schools

- Dog walking

- Dinner in the dark

- Cleaning trash

- Flea market

- Tree planting

- Christmas baking


Together with you, we organise activities that make an impact on local society


Fre International Language Lesson Unity Program

This event is gathering, which happens usually once a week. Each week belongs to a different country. During this evening, the culture, history, customs and other things that students are proud of will be briefly presented. Usually, the fillup ends with a tasting of a national dish or a typical small snack prepared by students from that country.

Erasmus in schools

EIS is an opportunity to bring foreign students closer to children in local schools. Students who want to help us will prepare a short presentation about the country they come from and then go to school with our volunteers. These presentations can be in English but also in another language that schools are currently interested in, such as German, Spanish, French or Russian. With students from elementary school or high school, we focus on enriching teaching in an interactive way through games or a simple quiz. All details of the preparation of the cooperation will be agreed in advance and our volunteer will help you with the preparation if necessary.

Dog walking

Almost every semester, ESN organizes dogwalking events - exchange students come to dogshelter, bring some cookies or toys for doggies and take the doggies for a walk in the nature for the whole afternoon. For sure doggies are the happiest at that time, but you can also see the satisfaction in the faces of exchange students who feel that they are both giving and gaining lots of love.

Dinner in the dark

It may not always be easy for healthy people to get used to the skin of disadvantaged people. Dinner in the dark is used for such an approach to the lives of visually impaired people. The evening is dedicated to a conversation about how to help blind people when we meet them in everyday life. In the end, we will briefly try what it is like to live without sight during a short exercise and dinner.

Cleaning trash


This event is mostly associated with a group of volunteers from Trash Hero. We will agree on a location where we will meet Czech volunteers, not only from among students but also ordinary people. Together we will clean nature from waste. We usually end the evening by sitting in a club with a conversation on an ecological topic, or we talk about how the problems of waste management are solved by individual domestic countries of the participants. We leave with a good feeling that we helped nature but also found new friends.


Flea market

Another random event that became a regular activity is SocialErasmus flea market. At the end of every semester, exchange students are leaving the city and they need to get rid of many things. Some of them throw them away, others give them to their Czech friends. We do believe that these things would be best used by those who really need them. Therefore we collect clothes, plates, hair-dryers, bags, shoes, towels, blankets, pillows, accessories, just anything exchange students do not need anymore and poor people may use. We then give it all to Charity. 

Tree planting

Usually once a year, tree planting is organized in various locations in the Czech Republic. There is a big event when volunteers can go to the forest together with woodsman and help to recover our nature by planting trees. There is no better memory of your erasus stay than to come and look at the tree you planted yourself after a few years. An added bonus is a full-day stay in nature and healthy exercise

Christmas baking

At the end of the winter semester, we organize a Christmas Fillup, where we introduce the Christmas traditions of several countries. We bake Christmas gingerbread cookies for this Fillup and you can help us. The baked gingerbread cookies then serve as a snack for the fillup, but you can also take them home. An even better option is to take home a recipe and recall your erasm this way. An evening full of cinnamon, gingerbread and if the wine is mulled we also sing carols. Thats preparation for Christmas spirit.





** presunúť beneficial concert do highlights a tu dať odkaz?**

Benefitial Concert

In April 2014, ESC organized the first SocialErasmus Benefitial Concert which was super successful and therefore from then on it is considered to be a priority event in the SocialErasmus activities. Exchange students first visited an orphanage where they met children and talked to them about living in other countries. Afterwards in the evening, over a hundred people from all around the world gathered in a club to listen to their Erasmus friends play a great show. Besides the musiciens from actual semester, even one ex-erasmus student came with his band to play on this occasion. In between the concerts, there was an auction of experiences (kiting lesson, a day with horses, a weekend in a hut in the mountains, tennis lesson, picnic, being a model with a professional photographer, etc.) - ESN gained over 7 000 CZK in this auction and all this money was used to buy a huge trampoline for the children in the orphanage. On 1st May the most active Erasmus students went to orphanage again, gave children the trampoline and had a barbecue with them. It is impossible to describe the atmosphere that there was both at the concert and in the orphanage, but you can see the video that may bring it nearer to you: Benefitial Concert Official Video. That the official representative video. To suck the atmosphere even closer, see two final songs of the Erasmus band. Despite the poor quality of the video or the sound, you will probably love it for the atmosphere: Benefitial Concert Atmosphere video.  



The aim of SocialErasmus is to enrich the international experience of young people abroad with volunteering activities that allow them to understand society’s problems and to work on the solutions. SocialErasmus provides an opportunity for international young people to get to know other realities and learn how they can contribute to improve society as citizens of the world.


Our mission is to provide young citizens the opportunity to do more with their mobility experience, to make a difference and create a positive social change through volunteering.


Show the added value of volunteering as a part of a mobility experience through SocialErasmus.