Maybe, as you probably know or you’ll be able to discover with us, Czech people are quite outgoing and adventurous, and they are not able to sit at home and do nothing. Tourist nature has quite a long tradition in our country, and since we had quite great inventors and developers, somebody came even with a system for trail sings and info posts. The first trail was established at 1889. There is a example of the sings below.

They connect many interesting places like summits, castles, chateaus, caves, ridges, dams etc.; it’s possible to cross the whole country several ways and if you’ll pay attention, it’s possible to find them even in cities.

Regarding the maps…

Due to the long tradition of our trails, quite great maps are available in both printed and app version. Please note, that we are NOT a google country so using the app might be convenient – it’s possible to download offline hiking maps too.

Going out

You’re not going to need any “special” equipment. Which in the terms of hiking means that only things as a pair of decent shoes and some spare clothes are needed. It’s close to the civilization from everywhere you might be able to get lost around here. And even though locals might not speak English they’d help you if you’ll ask nice and show knowledge of some basic phrases in Czech.

Our trips

We usually organize several trips during the semester. According to the weather and our other activities we plan sth. twice a month. The hiking trip is for a whole day during weekend, it won’t be longer than 20 km, and destinations vary – caves, summit, lookout tower, castle, ...

Just check our facebook or calendar for further information.

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