Привет komrades,
Slavs never sleep, because they are too busy with squatting (with heels on the ground ofc), drinking vodka and beer and dancing to never ending hard bass. Now the glorious mother Slava needs YOU! Come to squat, have some semechki, going hand in hand with a pickle and mayonnaise. The motherland won’t build itself. Come and help us. You can try Polish mojito, vodka, Slovak mojito and some other special and mystical drinks. Are you ready for the cheeki breeki?

What: Slavic party

When: 21th Nov 2019

Where: Vrtule club

Dress code: tracksuit, ushankas, as much Adidas as possible

Your Our teams of ESN VSB-TUO and ESN Ostravská

21/11/2019 - 21:00
Czech Republic
  • Everyone is invited.