Hey everyone,
ESN VSB – TU Ostrava goes hiking again. Our next hiking trip (maybe the last one in this semestr, so you shouldn’t miss this one) will be to the Skalka mountain. The journey is not really long. About 14 km (difficulty is low) and just after 5 kilometers we will reach the top of the mountain, there will be cottage waiting for you with delicious beer and hot soup which will bring you back to life and give you enough energy for our journey back to Ostrava. On the top of the mountain, there is also a lookout tower, so you can enjoy some outstanding views of Czech autumn nature.

For a pleasant experience, we strongly recommend bringing proper outdoor shoes, snack and drinks for the whole day.

We will gather money for transportation from Ostrava to the mountain and back on a train during the trip. Therefore, please bring approx. 55 CZK (with ISIC card) or 220 CZK (without ISIC card) in cash. Please bring coins.

If you want to participate, please REGISTER using the form below.

Meeting point: 8:00 in the front of Svinov train station

What with you: Outdoor sport shoes, student card (ISIC), snack, drinks.
Fee: approx. 55 CZK (with ISIC card) or 220 CZK (without ISIC card)

See you,
Your ESN VSB – TU Ostrava team ?

17/11/2019 - 08:00
Czech Republic