Limited for 10 - 20 people!

Do you want to try some special hike? Okay, we prepared one for you. ?
A lot of snow, beautiful nature, amazing chapel, STATUE OF THE RADEGAST and a lot of fun, this is what we can promise you and as a bonus, we will see ice sculptures made just a day before the trip! (extra 50,- Czech crowns)

Meeting point: A&B lobby ?
Time: 7:10 AM (It's really early but we will have an hour on the bus to sleep!) ?
Fee: Approximately 100,- Czech crowns
We will arrive back to Ostrava around 6 PM so it's gonna be a whole day trip.

What to take? ?
- Warm clothes needed!
- Proper shoes
- Something to drink and some snack (we will have the possibility to eat in the cottage)
- ISIC card and money
- good mood
- 50,- czech crowns if you would like to see Ice Sculptures
- plastic bag for the ride down

See you,
ESN VSB-TU Ostrava team ?

11/01/2020 - 07:00 to 18:00
Czech Republic