Your buddy coordinator will take you to your faculty to show you where you will study. You will do the enrolment and hear some information regarding studying at your faculty, like for example information about your courses, how to change them, how to find the time schedule and so on.

❗️It is separated for each faculty and each faculty might go at different time and day. Your faculty coordinator will send you the meeting time and place via e-mail.

?Ekf (Faculty of Economics) - 3rd and 6th February

?HGF (Faculty of Mining and Geology) - 6th February, meeting point at dorms AB reception (lobby) at 10:45

?FEI (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) - probably 4th February, meeting point dorms AB reception (lobby) at 8:40

?FMT (Faculty of Materials Science and Technology) - 3rd February

?FCE (Faculty of Civil Engineering) - 5th February, meeting point at dorms AB reception (lobby) at 9:30

03/02/2020 to 06/02/2020
Czech Republic